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S-OIL 7 ATF Multi: <100% Synthetic transmission oil> 
It is versatile automatic transmission oil that meets a variety of requirements by diverse automobile manufacturers.

Product Description

S-OIL 7 ATF Multi is a premium automatic transmission fluid based on highly refined API Group III base oil and suitable for use in wide range of Asian, European, American 4/5/6/6+ speeds ATFs. Its excellent thermal and oxidation stability prevents deposit or corrosive matters in your gear box, so It provides stable operation of your ATF and long oil life.


  •  4/5/6/6+-speed automatic gearboxes in Asian, European, American passenger vehicles ​


  • 100% synthetic base oil helps maintain oils initial conditions thanks to good stability and high viscosity index
  • Exceptional friction and anti-shudder performances with advanced technology
  • Excellent viscosity stability in operation
  • Excellent thermal stability and resistance to oxidation
  • Very good wear protection  ​

Performance Level

  • Ford Mercon
  • Allison C4/TES-295/TES-389
  • Land Rover Texaco N402
  • Jaguar Idemitsu K17/Fluid 8432
  • Chrysler ATF+3/+4/SP-III
  • Esso LT 71141
  • JWS 3309
  • Hyundai Kia SP-II/III/IV/IV-RR
  • JASO M315 1A
  • Toyota Type D-II/T/T-III/T-IV/T-WS
  • Mitsubishi J2/SP-II/SP-III
  • Mazda FZ/F-1/JWS3317/M-III/Type T-IV/M-V
  • Nissan Matic-D/J/K/W/S
  • Subaru ATF; plus ATF-HP
  • Isuzu ATF II/III
  • Suzuki 3314/3317
  • Honda ATF Z-1/DW-1
  • Volkswagen/Audi G052 025 A2/055/162(-A1/-A2)/533/990(A2)/G055 025(A2)
  • Renault Matic-D2
  • BMW LT71141/LA2634/ETL-7045E/8072B
  • Mercedes Benz 236.3/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/91
  • ZF TE ML 11A/11B
  • MAN 339A, Bentley, Porsche, PSA, Volvo ATFs  

Typical Properties

Test Items Method Unit Typical properties
Specific gravity ASTM D1298 - 0.848
Color ASTM D1500 - Red
Viscosity 40℃ ASTM D445 cSt 36.8
100℃ ASTM D445 cSt 7.0
Viscosity index(VI) ASTM D2270 - 153
Flash point Cleveland ASTM D92 232
Pour point ASTM D97 -46

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