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What is the most important thing in making lubricant products? That’s lube base oil. Lubricants are typically made up of lube base oil and additives to be added to promote performance for each use. As lubricants are used, the ingredients of additives are consumed. Therefore it is no exaggeration to say that the quality and performance of lubricants depend on lube base oil.

In this regard, S-OIL’s lubricant products have great advantages. S-OIL currently has a large-scale lube base oil manufacturing complex with the daily capacity of 44,700 barrels since it began the first commercial production of lube base oil in 1981 in Korea. Especially aramcoULTRA which is a VHVI (Very High Viscosity Index, Group III) class base oil has been continuously used by the world’s leading lubricant manufacturers since its first production in 2002.

S-OIL SEVEN was developed using this aramcoULTRA Its performance such as a very high viscosity index, oxidation stability, and low temperature performance boosts customers’ confidence in S-OIL SEVEN.

history of
lube base oil


  • Established a production line of
    Group II, III lube base oil (44,700 BD)
  • The world’s 2nd largest production as of a single unit


  • Launched the Aramco Base Oil Alliance


  • Began producing VHVI-class lube base oil
    'ULTRA-S (aramcoULTRA)'
  • Applied to Hydrocracking, Wax Hydroisomerization and Hydrofinishing processes
    ULTRA-S Production Plant


  • Began producing HVI-class lube base oil
  • Applied the MLDW (Mobile Lube Dewaxing) process developed by ExxonMobil
    SUPER Plant


  • Completed the 1st Lube Base Oil Complex
  • Applied the hydrocracking process developed by Gulf and the MEK dewaxing process developed by Texaco
    1st Lube Base Oil Complex