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What needs to be considered after securing a stable supply line of lube base oil is ‘formulation’ which is a mixing ratio for product development. Each lubricant product is developed base on the unique mixing ratio of ingredients and competitive lubricant developers are more knowledgeable about the development of an optimal mixing ratio.


S-OIL have acquired a lot of experience in lubricant development by supplying a wide range of products such as engine oil and gear oil to leading automakers including Hyundai-Kia Motors, GM Korea, Renault Samsung Motors, Ssangyong Motor, Toyota, Lexus, etc. for 25 years since its debut in the lubricant business. We also supply the passenger car gasoline/diesel engine oils for factory fill to Hyundai-Kia Motors and recently began supplying the high-quality eco-friendly commercial diesel engine oils that satisfy the Euro VI, a new emission limit, for factory fill to Hyundai-Kia Motors.


Moreover, S-OIL has kept its reputation as a leading oil refinery company as it was recognized for having technologies in various special products other than automotive engine oils by supplying special oils such as engine oils for construction equipment and hydraulic oils to diverse industrial sectors in Korea.

Formulation development means developing new products by reflecting the OEM and market’s needs to produce various kinds of lubricant. The lubricant development process is as follows:

To develop high-quality lubricant production technology, the center is equipped with equipment to investigate lubricants’ basic properties and friction characteristics as well as an engine and chassis test using real vehicles. This equipment is utilized to develop the world’s best lubricants.