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Despite a stable supply of lube base oil and a full understanding of formulation, without a sophisticated blending plant to perform the job, we couldn’t have provided top-tier lubricant products.

However S-OIL established S-OIL TOTAL Lubricants specialized in lubricants by forming a joint venture with French global oil maker TOTAL Raffinage Marketing S.A. and built a STLC Blending Plant. The STLC Blending Plant located near S-OIL’s plant boasts a large-scale production system with the daily and annual capacity of 3,400 Bbl and 197,800 ㎘, respectively, and displays its competitiveness across the entire process from raw material procurement to production to shipment based on a combination of S-OIL’s stable supply of lube base oil and TOTAL’s knowhow of production management.

Recently we are making diversified efforts to increase efficiency in production: for instance securing storage facilities, improving bulk-loading facilities, and upgrading the automated high-speed filling facilities for small package products. They serve as a global production base for S-OIL lubricants by realizing in-time manufacturing and smooth distribution.

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