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S-OIL 7 is the brand name of a full synthetic and synthetic lubricant based on the S-OIL-made HVI/VHVI (High Viscosity Index/Very High Viscosity Index-Group II/III) class base oil and PAO (Poly Alpha Olefin) that maximizes five main features required for a cutting-edge engine. This brand embodies the meanings of ‘Forward’ for improving the car’s technical performance and ‘Ascend’ for enhancing the driver’s experience.

Brand Concept

1 Fuel-Economy
Helps to cut fuel consumption to save on car maintenance costs
2 Eco-Friendly
Protects the environment by minimizing air pollutant emissions
3 Drivability
Makes the engine and parts work smoothly and efficiently
4 Durability
Prevents the engine and parts
from damages or wear-out
5 Cleanness
Keeps the car’s insides clean by inhibiting the formation of and eliminating foreign substances and impurities
6 Forward
A horizontal axis that signifies cars (machine)’ moving in a forward direction. It represents maximization of five main features to make the car deliver the best performance
7 Ascend
A vertical axis that signifies the driver’s satisfaction level. It represents improving the driving experience by making the driver satisfied with the vehicle performance (‘reduced noise’ ‘no vibration’ and ‘smooth driving’)


The logo of S-OIL SEVEN represents its identity.


S-OIL SEVEN, a brand name, is effective in brand communication since the familiar number 7 is used and seven features of the high-quality lubricants beyond the nature of engine oil are highlighted. The number 7, which is dynamically shaped, represents lubricants’ five core functions plus improvements in vehicle’s performance and driver’s satisfaction (Forward & Ascend). It also symbolizes a multi-tasking engine oil customized to meet today’s automobiles with changing requirements in various aspects such as environment, engine, and technology.

Logo - Main Signature

S-OIL SEVEN’s main signature logo harmoniously consists of a watermark and symbol. This logo is preferentially used in applications where only a logo needs to be used.

Logo - Sub Signature

Sub-signature logos used in applications where the main signature logo cannot be used. They are selectively used on each environment. They should be distinguished from the main signature because they have different shapes.


Watermark logo is often used in environments requiring readability of a brand. A 2-line logo is preferentially used, but a 1-line log is also used depending on the environment.

Color Usage

Signature logo. Pantone 426 C is preferentially applied to the background to enhance the visual harmony and effectively deliver the brand’s image. Pantone 7509 C is used as logo color. In cases where Pantone 7509 C cannot be applied, S-OIL’s CI colors including Pantone 349 C, Pantone 7408 C, or White are used depending on the applications.

* For a special print, post-processing methods such as silver hot stamping, gold hot stamping, embossing, and debossing are also available.

Main Color
Negative Logo

Logo : Pantone 7509 C
Background : Pantone 426 C

Positive Logo

Logo : Pantone 7509 C
Background : White

Secondary Color
Negative Logo

Logo : White
Background : Pantone 7509 C

Logo : White
Background : Pantone 426 C

Logo : White
Background : Pantone 349 C

Positive Logo

Logo : Pantone 426 C
Background : White

Logo : Pantone 349 C
Background : White

Logo : Pantone 7408 C
: Pantone 348 C
Background : White

Special Effects
Negative Logo

Logo : Embossing

Logo : Embossing

Color Palette

As colors representing each line, they are used in pictograms on the front of labels, on the upper side of the rear of labels and as highlight colors, and on the upper side of a box.